Saturday, February 13, 2016

Louise Mensch: Does this meme stop on Merseyside?

Louise Mensch pulled together a Madchester playlist:

To be fair, you have to respect the inclusion of Tunes Splits The Atom. But... The Las?

Some of Louise's twitter followers pointed out that Liverpool and Manchester - while both being part of Dear George Osborne's Northern (John) Powerhouse - are different places.

Mensch, of course, has never found a hole she doesn't want to dig deeper into.

Musically, not really. Unless....

Unless you were from a major label trying to pull together a quick Madchester compilation cash-in album and needed to pad it out, like the Sorted! Madchester and Baggy album, but that even includes Shine On by The House Of Love. Much has been said about Guy Chadwick, but I don't think he's ever been painted as a musical peer of Northside.

Still... it's nice to be reminded of this: