Monday, October 07, 2002

More on Australians with less on

What surprises us most about this story about a South African chain withdrawing GQ magazine from its shelves because of the cover (Kylie, some boots, some knickers, that's it) [Independent Online] is not the skimpyness of Kylie's underpants, but the size of the GQ masthead - it's enormous. Blimey.

This, of course, comes with Abs - the ridiculously named former member of Five (or 5ive, as they used to call themselves) - singing a song about meeting a girl who tells him "she's on the front of GQ magazine." Now, since the covers of GQ all round the world tend to be of a Kylie nature, or at the very least a Selma Hyack, are we supposed to believe that (a) Abs has bumped into a woman from the short list of near-standard heterosexual male fantasies and not recognised her (actually, that doesn't strecth credulity so far, Abs coming across as nice-but-dim) and (b) this woman who could have any man liable to find her fleetingly attractive has chosen a man who resembles nothing so much as Henry, the mild-mannered janitor, only with a six pack and no redeeming Hong Kong Phooey-ness.

Maybe Britney believes he's about seventeen...

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