Tuesday, August 24, 2004

NO... THIS WAY LIES THE MADNESS OF MARK GOODIER RETURNING: It's interesting that the younger Radio One tries to capture listeners, the more it's getting in touch with its roots; there's the middle of the night slot which replays bits of old Roadshows and Peel grumping around the back of the the Brits; Colin and Edith have been running an archive session which allows Colin to suggest that DLT was an unfunny, self-opiniated buffoon, and now The Evening Session with Jo Whiley and Steve Lamacq is being revived - albeit for one night only, and to mark the tenth anniversary of Definitely Maybe. We're running a sweep on exactly at which point between 9pm and 1 am on the night of Monday 6th September Steve says the words "and, unexpectedly, Liam turned up with him, noticeably the worse for wear..."

This may be the last time ever Symposium have a chance of being played on the radio.

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Symposium were brilliant :)

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