Friday, September 03, 2004

BUSTED BROKEN: Not quite on the rock sick list, but James from Busted has collapsed and died. Apart from the died bit, which we just threw in for effect. Apparently, he got dehydrated in Colorado after the air conditioning broke down on the band's tour bus. We can't really blame him that much - No Rock went a woo-ing in the heat of a Colarado summer once, and at that altitude, it's quite a lot for a wan English boy to take. Mind you, we never collapsed. On the other hand, we've never had a top ten single.


torr said...

Re-read the story. He didn't die!

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

That would have been what we were getting at with the "apart from the died bit"

Anonymous said...

Torr: I can't believe you skim-read about death!


katkin said...

Damn, I got all excited when you said he'd died, only to have my hopes dashed by the next sentence. :(

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