Friday, March 25, 2005


At least Simon Cowell only attempts to run people down with his "wit" - Paul Abdul uses a car. Although, actually, the hit and run incident she's just admitted didn't involve a person getting hurt:

Late last year, while driving on the Hollywood Freeway, unbeknownst to Paula, there was some minor contact between the tire of her car and another vehicle on the roadway," the statement reads. "The result was a small amount of property damage to the other car and no damage to Paula's car. This week, after learning that it had been determined that her car was actually involved, Paula immediately took full responsibility and paid $775 to repair the minor property damage. She is pleased the matter could be resolved [Thursday] in traffic court."

Apparently the police were able to trace her car because it was being driven by a cartoon cat at the time.

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~ jordana said...

I bet that she was drunk, drunk, drunk!

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