Friday, March 25, 2005


What with it being Good Friday, we were flicking through the video music channels earlier, and spotted The Faders, who seem to be either the Female Busted, or the credible Girls Aloud, or the new 21st Century Girls, depending on your viewpoint.

Talent in a Previous Life warn us that one of them - the red haired one - is Midge Ure's daughter (we really hope at some point Molly works with Osheen Jones, son of Howard, as that'd be like a closing of some sort of circle.) They get a thumbs-up from Popjustice.

We are rather taken by their website, which really pushes the "Fader" metaphor to its limit by using a mixing desk-based interface. Curious that since they're meant to be a 'proper' band, and yet the name and the website both imply quite heavily that the real work is done in the post-production.

Try for yourself:

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