Friday, March 25, 2005


Okay, so it's not exactly Squire and Brown working together, but those of us of a certain age will find it hard to not wipe away a small tear at the news that Mani joined Ian Brown for I Wanna Be Adored at the Blackpool Empress gig last night.

Meanwhile, Brown has been slightly overstating the Roses' position in the history of everything:

“It'll be great playing the Roses songs again as well because they're just alive those songs. It's the best feeling in the world knowing that I wrote those songs on the dole and years and years later there's kids that were probably at toddler groups back then crying when I'm playing them now. They are bled into English culture now, not that there is an English culture. I think the Beatles are the only ones who have got closer to English culture than we (The Stone Roses) have."

Although, to be fair, getting off to a great start, then sitting around on their arses for half a decade and trying to coast on past glories alone before knocking out a shit, substandard follow-up that pissed away their original support while failing to convert a single new customer would actually be the closest any band has ever come to recreating the English motor industry in band form.

The Mini

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