Monday, May 23, 2005


It's all terrible for the BBC - not only have a large number of their staff not turned up for work today, taking strike action in protest at Mark Thompson's plans to sack everyone except for himself, but Billie Piper is suggesting she won't turn up for work ever again:

Billie intends to follow all those other TV-and-Pop stars who've traipsed off to LA to become the biggest names in shoeshining and so won't be running about with the new Doctor Who for long. This move - technically known as "doing a Mumba" - means she's being pencilled in for a 2008 series of I'm A Celebrity. Assuming ITV is still going in 2008.

The Morning Star, of course, is delighted at a strike that people will notice is happening:

- although we're not quite sure that the BBC has been brought to its knees. The more honest headline "newspaper review slots doubled in length by mass walkout" wouldn't have been quite as splashy. You'll notice that the Star has gone colour today, which really does seem wrong - it's like them deciding to launch a Saturday supplement to attract upscale watch adverts and Jaguar ads.