Wednesday, June 01, 2005


Harvey from the So Solids has been found guilty of assaulting a police officer and using threatening words or behaviour. Harvey had been stopped using a mobile phone while driving (it turned out he was also driving without insurance and while banned); it took CS to calm him down at the time of his arrest. Harvey's defence was that the arresting officer had "shouted" at him (which, if you're honking into a mobile while driving, putting everyone else at risk while not even having any insurance, seems to be fair enough) and:

Harvey said he was left "embarrassed and humiliated" when passing children recognised him as he was being arrested.

Harvey, kitten, unless the kids happened to be fans of Lewes FC, it's almost certain that they no more recognised you than they would have recognised Annie Lennox being arrested.

Harvey looks set to avoid jail, though, as the magistrate will be considering a "community punishment." Lets hope none of the oceans of kids see him doing this, or it'll all kick off again.