Thursday, June 30, 2005


We tend to agree with Charlotte Church that it's about time they stopped releasing Tupac records - how much stuff did he leave laying about, anyway? We're sure if you added up all the lengths of his posthumous records, they'd come to more minutes than his life lasted; they certainly feel to have been going on for years. But what really caught our eye was what Charlotte said about Elton John:

"Elton John has had enough number ones in his time and I reckon he should let someone else have a go."

Apart from being wrong - Elton has had surprisingly few number ones - we hope we can take this as a firm promise from Chazza that if her pop career takes off, she'll certainly ensure she only does it for a while and then rolls over to let someone else have a go.

We're suggesting you set your limit at three singles, Charlie. Two more than Jen Ellison, right?