Tuesday, July 19, 2005


The most-rubbish named person in rap, Gucci Mane, has been arrested for aggracated assault following an incident - some say fracas, some say disturbance - as he was heading to a gig last Friday. A bunch of cops, feds, and people like that turned up and discovered enough guns to arm up a bunch of News of the World readers on their way to a lynching - not, of course, that in America there's automatically anything wrong with packing heat:

"They found a couple guns in the car," [Gucci Lawyer Dennis] Scheib told SOHH.com. "The people checked the guns on the plane. These were security officers with licenses and a righteous reason to carry guns. Gucci didn't have a gun on."

We like the idea of there being "righteous" reasons to carry guns - presumably better than the self-righteous reasons most gun-rappers fall back on. The aggravated assault charge is connected with an ongoing dispute with an Atlanta promoter; the Gucci camp claim he threatened to tell police about an altercation at Gucci's label office if he didn't get given cash. Someone is going to have to spend time sorting that one out.