Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Oddly, the world has had a new Rolling Stones album more recently than we've had a fresh one from the Pixies - their last was in 1997; but now, it's time for a new one. They're calling the album Neo-Con, which is a jibe at Bush (although George claims he doesn't understand what people mean by Neo-Con) - why not call it something a little less soft, like 'Diebold Delivers Democracy' or 'Let's Only Count My Votes' or Hail To The Thief... oh, that's been done. Still, it's nice to see at least a little spine left in the arthritic band - and a sly grin, too (the first single will be called Oh No, Not You Again.) The world doesn't need a new Rolling Stones album, and hasn't for a long time, but anything that saves us from their patchier solo work has to be a good thing.