Friday, October 21, 2005


The woman from the crisp adverts (a few years back) and that bloke who did the sportswear range for Marks and Spencer (a few years back) have won the right to hear the tapes of an interview between their ex-Nanny Abbie Gibson and a News of the World writer.

Normally when Victoria hears a tape of something she's never heard before which people seem interested in, she'll spend a few days trying to find a producer who'll help her make a watered down copy of it, announce a new direction in the newspapers, release it as a single and try to be thrilled when it gets to number 12. That might well happen this time.

It's part of the libel battle, in which the Beckhams are trying to prove that the interview - in which it was claimed their marriage was in trouble - left them open to ridicule in the eyes of the public. More ridicule.

The trial will start on December 5th.

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