Friday, October 21, 2005


It might be a little late, young man: Robbie Williams is worried he might be turning into Cliff Richard:

"The other night when all these people showed up for the video shoot the only thing I was doing was walking about for the video.

"So I couldn’t sing, I couldn’t entertain them in any way, but I felt as if I ought to. So I found a megaphone and started singing Angels. And I almost instantly felt like Cliff Richard at Wimbledon. I felt like a total idiot as soon as I started singing."

Yeah, but you must get that feeling every time you start singing, Robbie?

Thing is, Cliff has at least had a varied career - you might hate the Millennium Prayer, but at least it wasn't a slight variation on the last three hundred singles; he's never fallen back on trying to spray on someone else's cool by doing a RatPack album; and he recorded Devil Woman, The Young Ones and Wired For Sound. I suspect Cliff should worry more that he's in danger of turning into you, Mr. Williams.

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