Tuesday, October 18, 2005


William Donohue, President of the Catholic League, is almost delighted that Madonna thinks the World is a beast. Although his joy at her quirky worldview is slightly tempered by her simultaneous announcement that most priests are gay:

Catholic League President William Donohue likes Madonna's new morality: "For her to have this sudden wakeup call — that the kind of behavior for which she is infamous is not salutary for young people — is refreshing."

But he doesn't like her proclamation, also made in the documentary about her 2004 Re-Invention tour, that "most priests are gay." Donohue adds, "We're glad to see she is no longer with us. Jews will have to make up their own mind about whether they're going to welcome her. Lots of them don't want to."

We're not quite sure of the context in which Madonna makes her "most priests are gay" remark - but from the general tenor of her recent pronouncements, we suspect it's not going to be suggesting this is a good thing. After all, Kabbalah isn't entirely fond of homosexuality of any sort:

According to Kabbalah, lesbianism does not create the same intensity of a spiritual short-circuit as gay sex because no semen is spilled into the open. Semen is the closest substance on earth to the Light of the Creator. For this reason it creates pleasure and it creates life. If it is exposed, negative forces immediately latch onto it. Thus, the negative forces are strengthened in the world. Lesbianism, however, does not create Light or Life. Therefore, though there is no spilling of a man's seed, there is no creation of Light and Life. Thus, the action only serves our interest and for this reason, is not endorsed.

It's reassuring to know that Madonna won't let her kid watch Boo, but is happy for them to be brought up in a religion which worries that a bit of spunk flying around attracts evil like a magnet.

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