Tuesday, October 18, 2005


We're sure Madonna thinks that by revealing she wrote a grovelling letter to Abba to ask to use a sample she wanted to use on her new album she's showing how very 'umble she is. But we suspect that by "grovelling" she means she had to use that word "please". And this is just priceless:

"I had to send my emissary to Stockholm with a letter begging them and telling them how much I love their music," she told Attitude magazine.

Madonna, love, popes have emissaries. Fading pop stars have flunkies.

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Anonymous said...

...not only the "two musical deities merging at last" spin, but Esther fails to mention the undisclosed amount she's agreed to in the royalities department. "I agreed to give them 95%" doesn't sound quite as good, and no doubt the canny Swedes are happy to smile and punt out a snappy promo comment knowing that it's all helping to make their bank balances even healthier. Though they'll still have to live with themselves on dark nights if the song breathes any kind of life back into her career. Elvis.

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