Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Trouble in Chicago, where the crowd at a Ghostface gig got fed up with the undercard - five hours of second stringers - and were pushed just a little too far when yet another new Roc-a-fella act, Tru Life, came on.

They hurled abuse.

Tru Life responded by throwing water and bottles at and into the crowd.

As you might expect, the already pissed off crowd didn't take this too well, and lobbed the bottles back. Pitchfork's Chris Kaskie was there:

someone tossed a full water bottle and hit Tru Life directly in the face, knocking him to the ground. The crowd was excited about this, and everyone around us began to throw not water but beer bottles at him while he was down. His crew threw back, and then went to the upstairs balcony overlooking the whole room."

The men then "began having target practice on the crowd below, hitting people in the faces/heads/bodies with bottles. The crowd threw back, and the people upstairs kept hitting the ceiling with bottles, which would then explode and fall on the crowd. There was a rush for the exits, people yelling about guns, etc.”

Police swept the venue; four people were treated in hospital but Kaskie estimates many more should have been.

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