Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Poor 50 Cent isn't quite the dollar when it comes to having a proper, grown-up relationship. He sniffled to MTV that he's a bit of a Robbie Williams when it comes to dating:

“I’m really good at writing music, at handling my business, but women I’m not really, really good at.”

Perhaps it's lucky you can handle your business, then; it must give you some relief.

He then suddenly realised that this made him sound more Morrissey than healthy for a rap chunk, so he tried to shift the blame to the women:

“It’s not difficult getting them, but it’s difficult for me to keep them, to maintain my interest in them.”

So, Fiddy, what you're telling us is that you can get a woman back to your house, but then you have trouble keeping your interest up? There's no shame in that, you know; it happens to a lot of men at some point.

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