Thursday, October 20, 2005


We're sure it's making some sort of point, and the news is that the Smash My iPod team have hit their target and will now go and buy an iPod, and destroy it, right there in the Apple store.

We're sure Steve Jobs, far from being upset by this, will see it as a whole new sector - the SmashPod. Because what better way of getting people to keep buying iPods than persuading them to hand over the cash, and destroy the thing?

The best thing, though, is it seems the real hidden agenda is an attack against low quality store fittings:

We scouted the store today, its very poorly built. Cheap wooden displays, and cheap wooden floor. Breaking the iPod in there without destroying the store will be a challenge.

Dude, let's hope you never get to shop in a Comet. One word for you: laminate.

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