Thursday, October 20, 2005


Obviously taking the hump at being accused of hijacking a religion and turning it into a money-spinning faddy old cult, Madonna has put up her dukes and denied she's a blasphemer. The song called Isaac on her new album isn't anything to do with Isaac Luria, the 16th century Jewish mystic:

She told MTV: "What are you going to do? The absurd thing is that it's not what they think it is. It's not a song about Isaac Luria.”

"I don't know anything about Isaac Luria, so I couldn't write a song about him. The song is called 'Isaac' because the man who is singing on it is named Isaac.”

"I think one person saw that name and decided that they were going to go out and say I was doing something blasphemous, and it's just not true."

Hmm. Madonna "doesn't know anything about Isaac Luria", eh? But by her own claim, she's been studying Kabbalah for eight years, and Luria is major figure in both the religion and the cult versions of Kabbalah. Indeed, Maddy's Kabbalah Center makes 107 references to him on their website, calling him "the most influential Kabbalist in history" and claims that "[a]ll knowledge and material appearing on this web site is rooted in Lurianic Kabbalah."

So, she's spent eight years closely studying a philosophy, but doesn't know anything about the man whose writings are at the heart of that school of thought? It's like Tony Benn saying he couldn't really comment on Marx, as he's got a bit of a hole in his knowledge on that one.

How stupid does Madonna think we are?

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