Thursday, October 20, 2005


Bono has been revealing a little of the process that makes U2 records happen. Apparently, they're not allowed to have coffee in the studios:

"...because Bono consumes too much of the stuff and becomes difficult to work with."

Can you imagine such a thing? Bono difficult to work with?

"You can imagine how annoying it is to have someone like me come in with a head full of big ideas," Bono said.

Well, yes, actually, we can.

"Larry is bored most of the time. You could be singing your heart out, and he'll yawn. But his instincts are 80 per cent right. If you're in the 20 per cent, it hurts.

"Adam will fall asleep and the Edge will make some kind of remark about the chord changes."

But you'd think if the band is bored shitless by the process of production, it would show in the music, wouldn't it? The new single doesn't sound like something knocked together by an ego on a caffeine-withdrawal comedown and three bored minions, does it? Too much?

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Miss Templeton said...

Okay. This is better than the sunglasses thing.

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