Saturday, October 15, 2005


The bemusing case of Boy George's cocaine bother continues - apparently he panicked and called the police when a rent boy demanded cash - we had always understood that if you took a prostitute back to your house, you'd be expected to fork out money sooner or later. But anyway, the cops turned out, the Doherty had fled, and one of George's friends - presumably going for the ditzy friend role in the next musical - blurted out about all the coke hidden around the flat. That's what the leaky old NYPD says, anyway:

Yesterday a police department source claimed: “The prostitute demanded his money.

“George refused and said he was going to call police. The prostitute said, ‘Go ahead and you’ll go to jail’. So George freaked out because he was high, called the police, the prostitute left and George got arrested.”

The NYPD yesterday confirmed the star — real name George O’Dowd — called them after a man tried to rob him.

But a spokesman said: “I can’t confirm this person was a prostitute — it’s part of the investigation.”

What's surprising is not that George has to pay for it, but that he's got the cash to do so these days.

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Anonymous said...

'the Doherty had fled'

That has to be the basis for some fine fanfiction. Although I've yet to find the Pete/Elton John...

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