Wednesday, November 23, 2005


In no way launching a stunt campaign to draw attention to himself and get photographed thinking of the children, Junior Canadian Foreign Minister Dan McTeague has called for 50 Cent to be banned from Canada on account of his love of guns and criminal record:

"I do want the laws of Canada to apply to anybody who is a criminal, an admitted criminal, as Mr Curtis Jackson -- known as 50 Cent -- is. Under our laws ... he would be deemed criminally inadmissible," he told CBC television.

Canadian law dictates that anyone with a criminal record needs a special permit from the office of Immigration Minister Joe Volpe to enter the country. McTeague has written to Volpe urging him not to grant the permit.

McTeague criticised 50 Cent for "the message at this time that he brings, one of glorifying gun violence, often (the) denigration of women" and said the last time he gave a concert in Toronto in 2003, one person was killed outside the theater.

The recent shooting of a bloke at a 50 Cent film performance, and the gunporn posters haven't really helped his case much. But with Cent due to be touring Canada in a matter of days, surely the paperwork must already have been sorted out?

On the other hand:

The rapper told Reuters on Tuesday that parents should buy their children his new video game and use it as a teaching tool. In the game, 50 Cent is depicted making his way through New York's underworld with armed guards and guns blazing.

... maybe this junior minister of whatever has some sort of point.


Anonymous said...

I'm from Kitchener,Ontario,Canada...A 25 yr old female. I absoultly adore 50 Cent always have and to hear that Canada wasn't going to allow him into the country completly upset and pissed me off. I was discusted!! I love 50's music along with da whole Unit and I respect his lyrics for what they are and for what he has been through in life. I see it as 50 sharing his story with ppl, a form of exspresion and freedom of speech. If u don't like it then don't listen to it, don't go to the concert. As for me I try to learn from it and respect it. I do not agree with 50 "promoting", he is just exspressing what he has a right to do! I think people such as the government should be focusing on much bigger issues right now in our country insted of consintrating on something so small!!!!

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