Thursday, November 24, 2005


Because there are no drugs in America, Kate Moss has (and we're using "has" in the sense of "according to some 'close pal'" here) persuaded Pete they can all live together happily ever after if Doherty relocates to the US away from that constant source of temptation, "his druggy mates."

Philip Michels has apparently spoken to Pete at the Arizona health farm where he's detoxing (Pete's Uncle Pip, apparently):

“Kate has been calling Pete nearly every night to check that he’s OK. She’s allowed to talk to him because she’s been through it.

“He told me he needs to get away from Wolfman and the rest of his mates who he used to score drugs with if he’s ever going to get clean. I want him to move away if that means he’ll never take drugs again.

“Kate will only have him back if he’s clean. He sounded so much better and said he’s sticking to the programme — I hope he does.

“I don’t want him to die from drugs. I want him to be healthy and happy with Kate.”

We love the idea that you can tell from talking to someone 4,000 miles away if they're cleaned up or not.