Thursday, November 03, 2005


Considering he's been babbling away to the Daily Record about how Son of Dork will outshine Busted and Fightstar put together, we're a little bemused as to what, exactly, James Bourne's got to moan about. But moan he does, having a pop at Charlie for spilitting up Busted and costing the three of them "millions of pounds".

We're not sure where he thinks the millions would have been wrung from a boyband already in decline - perhaps he was expecting to sell oil exploration rights in Matt Jay's hairline.

Bourne's financial position must be dire, though, as surely only a desperate need to fund an operation or buy some of that Robert Winston endorsed milk with the fish gizzards in it would persuade a British man of his age to pretend to be a twelve year-old American as he's currently doing in his Dork band.