Monday, November 21, 2005


Disguised as an unbranded "Gift-o-matic", EMi have constructed a machine that, supposedly, picks the perfect gift for a person based on a series of questions.

If our friends and family followed the machine's advice for us, we'd be spending Christmas with the Live8 DVD, an Abbey Road keyring, Chas and Dave's greatest hits and a Coldplay tshirt. We'd then spend Boxing Day not talking to anyone.


Anonymous said...

I got all those apart from the Chas & Dave thing. Also got Atomic Kitten and Liberty X. Urgh. Did get We Are Scientists (who I think I heard on Mr Radcliffe's show once), though. And Keith Urban, of whom I'd never heard until Japan Today reported the other day that he'd been in some US magazine's top 10 hottest international men (along with Ken Watanabe and Clive Owen).

Eleanor G

Anonymous said...

Likewise got all of those - do you think they've been stuck with tons of overstocks?

Slightly impressed with the other suggestions, including Sigur Ros, The Ramones and Ultravox, but I've a feeling it's pretty random.

Anonymous said...

I think everyone gets the Live 8 DVD and Abbey Road keyring. I've just tried not to get them on purpose but it still thinks I should have them.

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

Presumably, they think that the Live8 DVD has something for everyone, featuring Bono and Coldplay...

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