Monday, November 21, 2005


We know that Michael Caine will happily turn up and do any sort of film providing the money is right and the location is warm, but we raise a curious eyebrow that he's going to work with Bowie on a new movie about Nikola Tesla.

Bowie, of course, has quite a shaky record in the movies - his work on the Twin Peaks spin-off was so poor his part was reduced to being trapped in a time stasis stuck on a CCTV screen; it was such a disaster he was almost single-handedly responsible for the wrecking of the plans to turn Twin Peaks into a movie franchise.

But then, he was alright in this:


Anonymous said...

"plans to turn TP into a movie franchise" were surely dealt somewhat more of a blow by the studios insisting on more than an hour of FWWM being cut, resulting in an already 'challenging' movie playing out as little more than an incoherent mess once it made it to the cinema. Roll on the Director's Cut.

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

Much of the material that got trashed, though, did have Derek Bowie in it...

But I'm with you on the director's cut. Or a return to peyton place type reunion special...

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