Wednesday, November 02, 2005

ROCKOBIT: John 'Beatz' Holohan

A fatal car accident has claimed the life of John 'Beatz' Holohan, drummer with New York based clean-grungers Bayside.

The band's vehicle jacknifed in icy conditions while they were heading up Interstate 80 to a gig at Salt Lake City, throwing Holohan from the vehicle. He died at the scene. Bassist Nick Ghanbarian was also seriously injured in the accident.

The group were early pioneers of using MySpace and Friendster to build a fan base, promoting their 2003 debut Sirens and Condolences online and building up what they described as "The Bayside Cult", members of which were encouraged to get tattoos and wear razorblades.

Beatz's page on the band website listed his favourite bands as including U2 and Big Daddy Kane. He was 31.


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