Saturday, December 24, 2005


Having started the week admitting she was deaf, Foxy Brown attempted to get herself slung in jail, too. As her (new) lawyers attempted to get her assault charge marked down to a disorderly conduct rap, Brown decided to stick her tongue out at the judge instead:

each time Manhattan Criminal Court Judge Melissa Jackson called Brown's case on Friday, the rap artist balked at going through with the proceedings. As Brown faced the judge for a third time and declined to respond to questions, Jackson lost her patience.

"This is the third time you are before me performing today, and you are making faces and sticking out your tongue," Jackson told her, adding, "Are you chewing gum?"

With that, Brown stuck her tongue way out of her mouth as if being examined by a doctor.

"You stuck your tongue out at me. You are showing disrespect for the court," the judge snapped. She then ordered Brown handcuffed to her seat in the well of the courtroom until she apologized.

Shamefully, her lawyers then attempted to claim that she'd stuck her tongue because she was deaf:

"She (Brown) cannot hear. She's deaf. She opened her mouth, your honor, only to show you she wasn't chewing gum," Fleming told Jackson.

After Jackson threatened to slap Brown with a contempt-of-court citation, along with 30 days in jail and a $1,000 fine, the rapper finally relented.

Brown will be back before the judge on January 23rd. If the bench accepts the deal, Brown could get off with ten days community service.