Wednesday, December 28, 2005


We'd imagine that the motivation for paying the families of the children he's accused of shagging a couple of thousand dollars was less about clearing his name and more about getting them to have the charges that could have got him killed dropped, but it does look a little like what we'd think of as conspiring to pervert the course of justice. It's depressingly reinforcing the message that rich Westerners are able to do what they want to the world's poorer people, providing they leave behind a cheque.

Glitter's lawyer Le Thanh Kinh basically admits he's buying his client's way out of trouble:

"If we pay the money for the two families, when this case goes to court, maybe Mr Gary will receive a lighter penalty," his lawyer told the AP news agency.

"After receiving the money, they informed the investigation bureau that they don't want to go to court and they want to drop the case."

Glitter denies all the allegations that he molested the girls.