Friday, December 30, 2005


Anastacia has always had a bit of an odd relationship with her glasses: she never seemed entirely sure if she should embrace them as a trademark, wave them as if they were some form special equipment or pretend they weren't there at all.

She told Pause and Play, for example:

"I wear glasses because I need them; I don't wear them to be the fashion victim," she said. "I have to have them because I have a stigma in one eye and I'm blind in another. But I make it fun, I make it acceptable to fit in society; I've always worn crazy, goofy glasses, it's just what I do. This is who I am. Love me or leave me."

Yes, pause just a moment and think about that: Anastacia makes "wearing glasses fun" and "acceptable to fit in society." Before Anastacia, of course, nobody would wear spectacles in public - leastways, not without a sense of shame; after her, why, even the woman at the bakers came out as slightly shortsighted, parading her glasses on a chain round her neck, of all things.

But now, Anastacia has had an operation on her eyes to improve her eyesight (we don't know quite how one improves an actual blind eye). It hasn't sorted out her confusion, though:

"I wanted people to see my eyes and also wanted to wear make-up, so I had surgery."

But the US star, who beat breast cancer in 2003, will not ditch her trademark eyewear.

She told Now magazine: "I wear glasses because there are some wild styles around now."

You had surgery to be able to wear make-up... and you want to let people see your eyes... but you're going to wear glasses because they are "wild"... and... but... and...