Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Pete Doherty's appearance in court today - where he pleaded guilty to possession charges - got off to a bad start as he turned up over an hour late. If Ealing magistrates have ever read the NME, they'd have known to expect that; they'd also have expected him to blame it on other people:

"Mr Doherty travelled in a car and he had traffic difficulties and I am told was being followed by a number of other individuals," said [Doherty's solictor Eamonn] Sherry.

"Given the press activity that there is in relation to this gentleman, that is the reason."

Ah, yes, nothing causes a traffic jam like, erm, being followed. My uncle used to say that when he drove for a living, he could never go faster than ten miles an hour when people were following him. Mind you, he drove the hearse for the Co-op.

Doherty had less than a gram of heroin and about a fifth of a gram of cokem said the prosecution. They also said that Pete had been driving when he was stopped; something which Doherty had appeared to be denying during his last spate of messageboard postings.

He's back in court for sentencing on February 8th. Or thereabouts.


Anonymous said...

Great hearse gag. Nice one


WantTheOcean said...

I love Pete too death, but sometimes I really feel bad for him.

WantTheOcean said...

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karl said...

I love Pete too death, but sometimes I really feel bad for him.

You're welcome to the snivelling little plague pit. But I'm curious; why do you love him? Is it the tedious sixth form poetry? Or perhaps the 'tortured genius' schtick? I've got it- it's the trilby, isn't it? You know, I think that Crack Tweety (copyright somebody on Popbitch) is going to be royally screwed when the hat decides it wants to embark on a solo career.

thensheappeared said...

There's a picture of him in the Times today (not on their website but on P29 of the paper) looking absolutely AWFUL. So far he's either not looked too bad or is friends with every picture editor in London...

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