Monday, February 27, 2006


If there's one thing we like about George Michael, he knows when the best thing to do is just 'fess up and say sorry (rather than, say, leaking stories about rent boys and other people's drugs resting in your house). His statement about his arrest is pretty direct:

"It's my own stupid fault, as usual," Michael said in a statement. "I was in possession of class C drugs, which is an offence, and I have no complaints about the police, who were professional throughout."

He added that he was tested by a police doctor who determined that Michael was capable of driving himself home. In fact, he was given a lift by a duty solicitor because his car was accidentally immobilised by police.

There's not going to be a song and dance this time:

"P.S. I promise I won't make a record out of this one -- even though it's tempting."

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