Monday, February 27, 2006


It's probably gratifying rather than annoying for Kings Reach Tower that people seem to care about the NME polls so much, as hot on the heels of Londonist's "we're standing by our story, we're just removing it" claims about the Top 50 singles of 2005 comes The Sun revealing what it reckons is the truth of last week's awards. It seems Ian Brown's main claim to godlike genius is that he's cheaper than Iggy Pop:

VETERAN punk Iggy Pop missed a top honour at NME’s award ceremony — because he was too expensive.

Plans for a Godlike Genius Award were axed because the music paper “couldn’t afford” him and his band, reveals secret paperwork. Ian Brown got it instead.

The internal discussion document for last week’s London event also reveals Jade Jagger, 34, was not invited because she was “too old”.

Yeah, because Jade would have really stuck out like a sore thumb amongst Peter Hook, Pete Shelley, or, erm, 31 year-old presenter Russell Brand.


Simon said...

Couldn't afford the Stooges for last week? Not because they're on Big Day Out at the moment and Iggy appeared on tape to present an award to Franz Ferdinand, then?

jonder said...

Amazing that Jade was too old, but her father wasn't too old for the NFL halftime show.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I think the last two words of your article sum it up. Russell. Brand. Let's face it; it was pretty obvious they didn't have much of a budget for the event. How much for Ian Brown? Probably a free beer.

Plus of course there's always the fact that NME constantly maintains that punk was invented in 1976. You know giving the "godlike genius" award to someone who was doing it nearly ten years beforehand may make them look a bit stupid though I'm sure they wouldn't notice that. Still I'd say he's a true musical genius but I guess no one cares. Also I don't have Russell Brand to present the award. Thank fuck.

Anonymous said...

did Iggy put safety pins through his nose? Did he murder his girlfriend? Did he write ANARCHY IN THE UK? He's not punk fuckin rock then is he?! Like, dur ! Punxnskinzunitenfight!


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