Thursday, March 23, 2006


Back when he was young and before his face started to look properly run-in, Aaron Carter signed a record deal with TransContinental Records. Now, though, he wants out - and TCR have gone to court to hold him to the promises his seventeen year-old self made.

To be frank, if we'd signed Carter when he was 17, we'd be delighted if he told us he didn't want to work with us any more.


Anonymous said...

wow. another itiot who's never heard AC music.
if he was Britney Spears, you'd be saying it was a brillent career move.

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

I take it you presume my dislike of Aaron Carter's music is based on my not having heard it? Because I have, you know. That's why I'm surprised TCR are that bothered, you see.

I'm not quite sure why you'd think being sued by a record label is a "good career move", not, indeed, why his being Britney Spears would make a difference.

Still, if he was Britney Spears we'd at least be able to work up some enthusiasm for his music.

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