Thursday, March 23, 2006


Faced with pretty overwhelming evidence, Pete Doherty has pleaded guilty to possession charges. Sentencing has been adjourned until 20th April, following a plea from Doherty's lawyer Sean Curran:

He told District Judge Jane McIvor that Doherty was responding well to the rehabilitation programme which was imposed at Ealing Magistrates' Court last month.

Mr Curran said that while the star had "got a problem", his last review had been very favourable and suggested he was heading in the right direction in his battle to get off drugs.

He said: "If Mr Doherty shows the inclination he has had on his first review, the court may look more favourably on him.

"It will mean he can continue with the good work he has done under this order. It is still at its initial stages."

He didn't explain why, if Doherty was doing so well under that order, he was found with cannabis, crack and heroin on him while he was under it.

Outside the court, the increasingly unpleasant Doherty hoisted himself onto a wall and kicked a microhpone out the hand of a Newsbeat reporter, leaving her bruised.


Anonymous said...

Mr Curran said that while the star had "got a problem", his last review had been very favourable

Presumably not a Babyshambles review then...

Anonymous said...

you all know that this is just one vast conspiracy by people who want to wear those "Free Pete" t-shirts from the last time.

well that and the KLF created the boy.

Anonymous said...

I wish that KLF story had got more coverage, it was genius. I'm going to wade right in and say it was the finest piece of slash-fiction-parading-as-media-hoax ever.

(part one:
part two:

Anonymous said...

i saw this on murdoch news and in his defence "the press were all up in his face like what?" so he let off a couple of cockney dance moves inspired by moulin rouge until his lawyer told him to stop fucking about, which he did in about a millisecond. rock n roll.

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