Friday, March 24, 2006


Come on, Matt Willis, we know you might not want to admit you spent five years making cartoon music for a Petit Filous munching child audience, but your attack on Charlie for his honesty is a bit much:

"I refused to say anything bad when we split but then I read lots of interviews by Charlie slagging off the band - it really p****s me off. I thought: "What a bastard"."

"We were in the band for five years, and it's insulting to our fans who spent money following us around, buying our music and voting for us to win awards. It's out of order.

"I haven't got anything against his new band but it wouldn't have happened if it hadn't been for us."

The thing is, Matt, most of your fans who voted for those oh-so-sought-after TV Hits awards will have hit puberty by now and have probably hidden your records behind sofas because they think they're slightly embarrassing, too. You sound like a man who spent six years dressed up in a Mr. Wimpy outfit trying to suggest that you were some sort of actor.


Anonymous said...

If only this was Harry Hill's TV Burp, then we could find out who's better 'Fightstar'or'Busted'.....FIGHT!
(I for one would pay good money to see that)

Anonymous said...

Matts damn right.
Charlie has been out of order & he has kept his mouth shut about it for long enough. What people don't know is that after Charlie left Busted, he cut Matt & James out of his life. They were his best friends for two years & I'm sorry, he'll always be the guy who dressed up as a woman in their videos.
Oh & to contradict the fans hitting puberty comment, I was 15/16 when I first got into Busted & they're still my favourite band now - at 18. There musics happy & i love it.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't actually contradict it

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