Sunday, March 26, 2006


The ten most-accessed actual bits of No Rock this week would have been:

1. Kelly Osbourne turns into Sharon before our eyes
2. Enquiring minds still want to know: KT Tunstall - really gay or just a dyke-alike?
3. Britney and Avril. A 2004 row
4. Limp Bizkit all crumbs?
5. James Blunt royalties suspended in row
6. Matt Busted doesn't like Charlie's dismissal of them
7. Doherty pleads guilty to some more drugs charges
8. Shakira gets made of stone
9. R Kelly's brother doesn't like him much
10. Pete Burns having trouble with the real world

You can absorb the whole week on one single page
or take a crash course in the previous week with a single post

and, in a fit of "beat the budget" madness, we attempted to persuade you to fill your boots with these:

Fifteen years (yes, 15) on Chapterhouse's debut gets a re-release

Astonishing as it may seem, it's a Bluetones box set

Second Skin solo bash

Rev-ola reactivates the mightily underrated Telescopes

Post Fat Tulip Robinson teatime classic

A Wonderstuff documentary. Fans only, we'd suggest.

Everybody out onto DVD... The Rag Trade

1999's telling the story and playing the music of K Records

Only rich schoolgirls with big guns can save the nation of Gazth-Sonika

Blancmange caught live just beyond their peak in 1984

Popjustice marches into the book world

25 years on, Donald Bogan's history of black female musicians (the first time 'diva' was used outside classical music) wins a lavish reworking

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