Sunday, March 19, 2006


Mindfull, of course, of Bill Hicks' anti-advert injunction, Charlotte Church feels she has to justify pocketing a hundred grand for a Walkers advert:

"Charlotte turns down loads of ads and promotions but she loves crisps and likes the ads.

"So why not?"

Also, of course, the £100,000 must have helped. The Sunday Mirror, though, is quick to attest to her bona fides on this one:

Crazy Chick pop star Charlotte, who dates Welsh rugby star Gavin Henson, has a fondness for crisps which has seen her munching them after a night on the razz.

See? She eats crisps, so it's not like she's selling out or anything. (Of course, if you're in a pub getting slooshed on Bacardi Breezers, the chances are you'll have no choice but to neck down some crisps "to mop up the beer.")

Perhaps she just wants Gary Lineker will teach her golf or something.

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