Thursday, March 09, 2006


It's admirable when you can recognise that your career isn't working, and you choose to try something different, so plaudits to Kelly Osbourne, who's putting the flop music career on hold to concentrate on failing as an actress as well. Oh, yes, they're going to put her in the movies:

"I'm working on a film," she said.

"It's between me and another person but I can't say much about it.

"All I can say is that it's not a comedy and not an action film - but there will be singing in it."

We're not sure we're able to decode such a curious riddle... not a comedy... not an action movie... singing... oh, it's a musical, is it?

Still, if the role calls for singing that's got to give the other person up for it an advanatage, right?


Anonymous said...

The world was a mess, but her hair was... no wait, that's a mess too.

Anonymous said...

Didn't she get to number 1 (albeit with Daddy?). Wish I could have that kind of flop career...

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

Anonymous, anonymous... Ozzy Osbourne had a number one despite her, not because of her. Her solo records you couldn't give away at a Scope shop.

Anonymous said...

film ?!? it's just as well all the kids have widescreen tvs these days...

Anonymous said...

Because Ozzy's solo career's going brilliantly. And yes he is still trying. It got to number 1 because people are only interested in the Osbourne's if they're in some derrivation of a family unit. The only one with any name value on her own outside of hocking butter imitations is Sharon. As depressing as that is...


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