Thursday, March 09, 2006


Don't get us wrong, we love seeing loyalty to friends in action. It's heartwarming. But there comes a point where, no matter how close the friend, you have to ask if maybe you need to take a cold-hearted business decision instead. Jonathan Wilkes - the Adrian-from-Bread-alike whose main claim to fame is being Robbie's flatmate - is being handed a duet, and possibly support slot, on Williams' tour.

Blimey - exposure like that you'd normally have to at the very least rim someone for, especially if you've not exactly got much of a track record as an entertainer, much less a singer (a number 24 hit in 2001; a short period presenting You've Been Framed; availablity as an Andrew O'Connor double). Jonathan didn't need to rely on no casting couch, though; he just called up his old mucker:

A source said: “Robbie and Jonathan are inseparable. They are really close pals and do everything together.

“Jonathan is a trained singer and has earned his stripes working up and down the country in musical theatre."