Thursday, March 23, 2006


And so you should be sorry, Morrissey - your comments about how quickly the Arctic Monkeys came to the top of the chart left the door open for Noel Gallagher to kiss up to them all over the place. I didn't mean it, wails the Moz:

"I actually quite like the Arctic Monkeys and whatever I said was said with tender, avuncular concern. I hope to God I didn't upset their grannies... I really should shut it."

Good lord, he'll be going to tea with Johnny Rogan next. Do you think he's been watching My Name Is Earl?

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Tim Footman said...

Or maybe just reinstate Mike Joyce on his Christmas card list.

btw, did anyone ask Andy Rourke whether he wanted in on that 5 million reunion deal. Seeing as how he settled for 83 grand out of court before The Devious, Truculent Mozza Vs Lawnmower Parts Hight Court thingy, he might have been after a second chance. Even if he was the only one. Him and his cello. Bless.

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