Thursday, March 23, 2006


Charlotte Church's multi-quid deal to plug Walkers crisps hasn't gone down well in Wales. The Swansea Walkers factory closed last month in a money-saving measure; understandably, families who've lost their income are a little miffed to discover the money thus saved has gone to hire Church for a couple of minutes in front of a camera.

Walkers, of course, did send the 250 staff it had thrown out of work a free packet of crisps (worth 36p), so it's not like they should be surprised at the strange priorities of the company.

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Anonymous said...

Chazza's already not that popular in Swansea - there are regular stories about her and Gav in the South Wales Evening Post (because he plays for a Swansea team) and people always comment along the lines of "enough stories about ChaznGav". The fact that she's from Cardiff probably doesn't help...

Eleanor G

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