Thursday, March 23, 2006


With the World Cup just a few short weeks away, the FA is getting into a flap about what the official England song should be. Things have become so desperate, they're rumoured to be choosing between another bloody re-release of Three Lions or a version of Is This The Way To Amarillo rewritten by the bloke who hosts the breakfast show on Milton Keynes' local BBC station.

Yes, Three Lions again. Seriously.

Here's a thought, though: why bother with an official song? And if you really must have one (we suspect it's now seen as a nice little earner for the FA rather than an important totem) why not go back to the old model? Get the squad in, and Sven too if he's got his trousers on, get them to run through Jerusalem, bring in a few ringers to sing it in tune over the top. Job done. It doesn't matter how good the single is, it's not like anyone's going to buy it for the quality, is it?

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