Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Of course, of course Edwina Currie will be Edith Piaf when she goes on celeb Stars in their Eyes; she never regretted rien when she was part of Thatcher's cabinet; she never regretted rien when she was shagging John Major behind Norma's back while he was suing newsagents to try and close down rumours about his extra-marital affairs (still not paid that cash back to the New Statesman, have you?); she never regretted rien before so it's like she's got a theme song.

Not sure that John Barnes should be allowed on, though - he's had a couple of top ten hits, which surely disqualifies him? (Although we would like to see him say "Tonight, Kat, I'm going to, erm, be me...")

While we're on Stars in their Eyes, we wonder if ITV were horrified by the live final of the kids spin-off last weekend? The victory for the scary man-child being George Formby pretty much screamed "ITV's audience is mainly over 60." Not the luxurious target audience they'd hope to be selling to advertisers.


Anonymous said...

I thought "over 60's" were THE target audience? Don't they outnumber the rest of us 10:1 or something?

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

Yes, but they don't have any money, as Robert Maxwell stole it all. Plus, once you get past 60, you're happy with a packet of Bath Olivers and a comfy chair.

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