Saturday, March 18, 2006


Royalty payments on six songs from James Blunt's Back To Bedlam have been suspended following a credible claim from a producer who believes he helped build Blunt's career. Lukas Burton says Blunt dropped him when other people started taking interest.

Blunt's people are dismissive:

Blunt's publicist said: "Traditionally, when a record is this massive, everyone wants to claim credit for its success."

She added: "This is no different." But she refused to give any further details.

Oddly, though, not everyone is claiming to have had a hand in Blunt's sucess. And if they did, not everyone would actually have records of what they'd done. Lukas writes entertainingly about (what he claims is) his life with Blunt on MySpace.

The You're Beautiful dirge is not one of the suspended tracks, so the zillions sold next week for mothering sunday will still send cash straight to Blunty even as the unwanted CDs head for landfill.


Simon said...

Burton says "three of the songs we worked on closely together are in there", yet he's claiming on six tracks?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on XRRF's mention in the OMM, Simon! Hopefully it will take its toll the hit counter.

Xmuzik said...

i wouldn't want anyone to know i was even associated with a james blunt album... much less that i was the belly aching bitch that didn't get to ride on the bandwagon

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