Thursday, April 13, 2006


It's hard to believe the dream is over, but Sony-BMG have decided they can now do quite well without Gareth Gates' help.

There's a "source" on hand to explain the decision, although it's not really one that calls for much in the way of brainage:

“The record label felt there was no way for them to take Gareth’s career forward. He had been working hard on trying to relaunch himself with a new sound and new image.

“But his latest material wasn’t strong enough to compete with fresh talent being churned out on programmes like X Factor.”

Now, it's one thing to be sacked, but to be sacked because you're not as good as Shayne Ward must smart a little.

Ward, meanwhile, sounds like he's had a penny or two drop. Perhaps it was while he was filming the advert for Woolworths and noticed that Worth the Puppet Dog was treated as the star:

“People think I’m loaded but it’s not true.

“My record contract is worth a million but I pay the expenses — stylists, make-up artists, travel and all that stuff.”

I believe the phrase young people use under these circumsatnces is "no fucking shit, Sherlock". Still, Shayne, it's not like you thought you were actually being given a million quid, is it? You haven't gone out and over-extended yourself with an insane mortgage or anything, have you?


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