Thursday, April 13, 2006


After having spent some time inventing MTV and shaking off the image of the Monkee in the wool cap, Michael Nesmith is returning to making music. Not videos, though:

I did music videos in the '70s and that was fun because it was the launch of the basis of it and I was discovering some really interesting principles that govern the form. But after that I lost interest. MTV took off and it became this maze, this massive amount of information. I don't want to contribute any more to that.

He also doesn't think the RIAA companies have much of a future:

I don't hold much hope for Warner Music Group or Sony being a player in the future…. The problem with those kind of companies is that they don't have any good way to add value anymore.

For years, they'd support the artist in their nascent stages and get the goods to market. Those are old-time, Methuselean economics…. There are whole new businesses that will wander in and boot these guys out.

[Their] obituaries were written two decades ago. What you are seeing here is an inertial burn."

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