Friday, April 07, 2006


There's nothing harder than thinking you're a name band and then finding yourself on the bottom of a three-act bill. It's happened to Bullet for My Valentine and they're feeling their egos in pain.

Opening up for Lacuna Coil and Rob Zombie has upset Matthew Tuck:

"Yo, check it. We get just 30 minutes on this ZOMBIE tour, that's it!!! So there's not a lot of time to fuck around. Apologies for not playing all these [songs], but shit, man, you can't please all the people all the time. Next time, bro. As for the merchandise, ZOMBIE makes us price match him so, yup, it's fuckin $40 for a t-shirt, which is insane, I know. Greedy money-grabbing fucks. We're only allowed two pieces of merch, too, which sucks ass. Unfortunately, being first on on a tour like this sucks, but it's gotta be done. As I write this, I'm sitting on the fuckin' floor of the venue 'coz we don't have a dressing room again, 'coz fuckin Zombie takes them all for him, his band and crew. Basically, we are shit to him, but fuck it — if this is what it takes to get a name over here, then it's gotta be done. I'm not one to fuck around with words, so yes, we are not being treated well on this tour. Oh yeah, we don't get a soundcheck either. Fuckin' pissed at this tour, man."

There is a temptation to say "oh, boo-hoo, is life tough on the undercard?", but really, the more pressing question is if they're so annoyed at having to charge forty bucks for a shirt, then why not, erm, not sell any shirts? "God, Rob Zombie says if we want to sell shirts we have to rip off our fans. Well, I guess we'd better rip 'em off, then..."


Anonymous said...

I remember Carter USM having problems with one venue (Brixton Academy, I think) wanting a share from the t-shirt sale. So they didn't even set up their stall, but gave everyone a flyer offering t-shirts by mail-order (postage free!). "Which was nice...."

Anonymous said...

If that's how they talk in Wales these days, I'm glad I've moved. Yo, check it indeed. Man.

Anonymous said...

You are missing the point! Bands struggle alot! Bullet at the moment are self sustaining, the money they earn for merch will make up the cost it will of took them to get on the Rob Zombie tour! that's right if its a big tour acts can charge for the support to play on it! so don't go dissing Bullet they are a great band and they are certainly fantastic people! remember if you had a business you would try to earn as much money from it as possible that is all these bands and management do!

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