Monday, April 10, 2006


BBC TV and Radio has done quite well out of GGlastonbury since winning the rights over from Channel 4 a while back, but this year, of course, was looking at having to come up with some fresh ideas to plug its weekends. Instead, though, they've done a deal to rescue Reading-Leeds from the early morning slots usually given to it by ITV.

BBC THREE is also going to carry TV footage of Radio One's Big Weekends, the 21st century reworking of the Radio One Roadshow. Of course, there was an experimental series of Roadshow programmes on BBC ONE years ago which didn't do very well. But then 1BW doesn't have Gary Davies, which gives it an advantage.

Andy Parfitt, the controller of Radio 1, said BBC3's decision to broadcast the Big Weekend for the first time "ties in with our visual ambitions on all digital platforms."

Mmm. Visual ambitions on digital platforms, you say?

Maybe we were too quick to kick Gary Davies.

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